The Situation

  • In the challenging business environment of 2013, economic and competitive pressures are putting enormous stress on all facets of a company's performance. Headcount and budget cutbacks mean every resource must produce
  • Many companies are facing critical situations...problems or opportunities that they know will profoundly affect their future...but they don't feel that they have the talent or flexibility to solve. And in many cases, recent cutbacks may make successful resolution even tougher.
  • Traditional consultants may not be your solution because they typically have lots of experience in making recommendations and little experience in implementing them. Their structure is heavy and expensive, and their process is hierarchical and slow.
  • Since 2000 Trion has provided the intelligence, speed and flexibility needed to successfully navigate uncertainty:
    • Through our Speed to ValueTM customized approach, we focus on high impact, practical, realistic solutions and superior implementation.
    • We use our proven Trion AcceleratorTM process to optimize solutions via smart pressure testing of ideas.
    • We have the Executive Energy to ensure experienced hands-on delivery.